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When I first graduated college (2008), I slept on the floor of a friends recording studio for 4 months. I spent all my time writing music and reading at book stores, so I barely had enough money to afford the $400 a month he charged me to live and record music there. During those four months, I dug deeper creatively than I ever had before. I began to cultivate a sound that I felt was uniquely me, thus was born an album called Collector. 

Simultaneously, during my days at the bookstores, I came across an author that spoke to many different pieces of my soul that compounded into a collage of vision for my life. 

What I took away from the book is that the systems of business are just a vehicle to be used to create glorious existential meaning manifested by creating freedom to do the work you are passionate about and mobility to experience the world now, instead of only post retirement. Its only an illusion you need to be rich to see the world, but when done with innovation, you will be able to experience all the world for less than what you spend to go out on the weekends with your friends. 

These were two of the biggest landmark moments that led me to my present moment. So, I started a business making creative media products for artists, organizations, and companies. 

I found a way to make a living creating everything from writing and recording albums with Kenyan children to storying telling with film in the mountains of Big Sur. We’ve been able to travel the world creating music and telling stories with film, but I found myself in the last year wanting to take it even further. 

So thus births COLLECTORtravels, a deeper dedication to experiencing the world now and telling even deeper stories of our interaction with the world and the artists, organizations, and companies along the way. 

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Growing up, I had a unique family dynamic and everything we did had challenges along side of it. We didn't have the experience of just hopping in the car and being on our way with anything we did.

One of my older brothers was diagnosed with meningitis at 15 months old, which resulted in him being physically and mentally handicapped. Our family, together, worked daily to take care of him, while still taking care of ourselves. We learned to adjust how we did things time and time again to make life work, whether it was going out of town to see family, going to sports games, eating meals, or just playing outside. 

As I reflect back on my childhood, adolescence, and entry into adulthood, I see that much of my world was consumed with configuring unique solutions to everyday problems. I watched my parents orchestrate our lives in order to enjoy daily adventures with a handicapped child, while still raising 3 other children, and have a life of their own. My mom has always been the role model of creativity in my life. Maybe that just comes with having to entertain children, but I do believe she has a special skill at taking the normal things and turning them into something a little more magical.

Here's the thing, there's an art to taking what seems impossible and turning into an adventure. As I went through college, worked multiple jobs, got married, and had a whole lot happen in between, I've come to a realization about myself. It's that everything I learned as a child has shaped me and shown me that I truly love expressing my creativity in organizing and planning.

As my life continues to journey on, I have joined forces with COLLECTOR and help to run this business that brings a whole new level of abstract thinking that has an endless well of new ideas and new people and places from which to learn. I have an expectant heart that as we travel the world doing what we love, we will be shown even more the ways of doing our craft.

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I didn’t graduate college. Three years into my communications degree I had a love affair with storytelling. I should have seen it coming; I picked up my first camera at 9 years old, started a photography business in 10th grade, and have never been too far away from the stage. By college I was chugging through classes, shooting weddings on the weekends, and picking up any other collaborative projects I could get my hands on. I remember the afternoon I first watched Take This Waltz. As the credits rolled I couldn’t help but stare at my bedroom wall soaking in what I had just seen. Countless movies had moved me, impressed me, outraged me, and excited me. But maybe this was the first movie that made me see myself. Notebook in tow, I sat on the shore of the bay and journaled for two hours. Finally, I had tasted the power of storytelling. 

It didn’t take long for me to lose myself in this new obsession. Assignment deadlines slipped by as I poured over filmmaking content that would teach me the craft. I worked to be on every student set available to me, I interned at a production company, and a year into this journey, COLLECTOR reached out to me to film a project in Haiti with them. I seem to recall them saying that they were praying for a video person, specifically a girl, who would be interested in growing with them. They heard my name from a few people, and regardless of whether my memory is failing me, it was evident from the beginning that it was a good fit. After Haiti was India, and after India they took a risk and hired me on full time. I don’t think I could look back, even if I wanted to. Every day has brought new challenges, new surprises, new areas of growth, and new opportunities to say yes to the unknown.